Efecto rehabilitador del uso de un exoesqueleto de marcha en pacientes con enfermedad neuromuscular o parálisis cerebral

información clave

ID de estudio #: NCT04813601

condición: Neuromuscular Diseases, Cerebral Palsy, SMA II

Estado: Reclutamiento


The purpose of this multicentric study is to assess the rehabilitative effect derived from the use of the ATLAS exoskeleton in children with neuromuscular diseases or cerebral palsy and with a level of less than 3 or less in the Functional Ambulation Classification (FAC) as a consequence of their disease, as well as the assessment of other physical, functional and quality of life parameters of interest. For this purpose, the exoskeleton will be used as a rehabilitation and walking assistance tool.

Before starting the study programme and if deemed necessary, a preliminary phase consisting of 1 to 3 sessions will be carried out during which the patient will be shown the exoskeleton for the first time and it will be considered whether any improvements to the different parts of the device or the software are necessary to increase the ergonomics and comfort of the patient.

intervención: ATLAS 2030


última actualización: Febrero